CVs for Creative Industries Which, (Hopefully), Warm Employers Hearts


It’s Tuesday and I have been doing some searches for local part time jobs, and already at the back of my mind I can see the grimtastic document that is my CV waving and niggling away at me with a wheedling little voice!  So I started thinking why should the task of updating a CV have to be arduous experience filled with dread, (well it is for me I would much rather be doing something else, in fact anything else, however not the ironing that is a step to far).  

A while ago on Facebook someone posted a link to 45 Resumes to Seize Attention and I also found CV’s and Profiles Archive.  So I had a look at both links and found some really interesting and innovative new ways to present the CV.  Why can it not be part of the creative process, the creators of these CVs looked liked they had a fascinating and enjoyable time making these designs!  There are some really nice graphic ideas, I particularly like the booklet/fan idea I think the format it’s presented in is really clever and completely different, it lends itself to encouraging the recipient want to open it and flick through.  I think a CV from a creative industry could be completely unique and so maybe, ‘off the wall,’ works best?  Or does it?  As much as I like the ideas in the links, are they too much?  Should a creative CV have elements of creativity without overloading the document with the design?  Some of the CVs from the link are maybe hiding/confusing the information they are trying to convey, amongst all the interesting graphics.  

However I don’t think there is a right answer to this, I do think that the appropriate design of the CV really depends on the ethos of the potential employers company, (brand, philosophies and outlook etc).   I also found an interesting article, Creative Resumes How Much Is Too Much, which also discusses some of the reactions and observations I have made regarding the Creative CVs and also discusses further insights and information from a professional point of view.  I particularly like the advice to always have a plain back up copy of your CV!  


The above also started me thinking more about CV’s appropriate to the industries we are trying to make impressions on.  Why can’t a CV be animated/contain film and also audio, if the person is working within the animation, audio, video or film industries?  So I decided to search and see what I could find, below are a few examples of my search:

Animated CV 1 my favourite I liked the humour! – Animated CV 2 – Animated CV/Portfolio 3 scroll down on website – Animated CV 4 – Animated CV 5

After watching a few of them I came to the conclusion I enjoyed watching the humorous ones most and also the quicker the animation/filming the more it kept my attention from the start.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the above do they work in a job application situation and are they appropriate?  Also I began to think is it acceptable to just send a link to a potential employer, how would the video CV be introduced?  Maybe the link/button should be embedded on an electronic static CV so that the potential employer has both options?  An eye-catching static CV with all the appropriate information and a very obvious link to the video CV maybe? The Video/Audio/Animated CV could be a like a teaser trailer maybe, a bonus addition, a mini showcase of work and skills, with a longer comprehensive animated portfolio to follow……..

There are lots of questions in the above paragraphs and I would be very interested in opinions, especially anyone has had good/bad experiences with using a creative CV? It’s something I’ve just started exploring so I’ll carry on researching and will update if I find more examples and evidence.  I would like to find some certain evidence that this kind of creative CV will work before spend time and launch it at prospective employers!! However it had been very interesting to find and enjoy some innovative design and inspiring work.


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