Sometimes I Get to Draw Cartoons Again!

When I was at school I loved nothing more than doodling cartoons of my friends and our exploits all over any spare piece of paper I could find!  Sometimes I forget how much I do enjoy illustration and drawing, generally because I am mostly working in 3D programs etc.  However I do always try to include graphic and illustrative elements to any new project I am working on.

Recently I was asked to design a cover for a Kindle book for an anthology of short stories.  It was a remote online collaboration between myself and four writing students, one of whom is a very good friend of mine. We have kept in touch over the years and through the internet we have also worked on some projects that have been very interesting and also fun to work on!


The book cover I have worked on is by The Flash Mob, it’s a collection of short stories that are,”Quirky, chilling and funny, this collection offers something for everyone with its mix of Sci-Fi, Horror, fantasy and dark humour.”  So I have to say I really enjoyed them, and I had the privilege of reading them before I designed the book cover!  I incorporated elements and overtones of the stories into the authors, ‘cartoon characters,’ for the cover.  The Flash Mob is available on Amazon, a good read to get rid of the post-Christmas blues if you have them or if not it’s a great read anyway.

If you are interested in The Flash Mob, these are two blogs I follow by the writers: Cathy White, (for lots of funny/quirky humour and The American Psycho business card poem), and also Lisa Richardson – Blog of the Dead – Sophie, (a must for all zombie fans like myself, the book cover is a great design in itself as well)!

For all those who like to get out and about and do some mad thing called exercise everyday in January I recommend Janathon, or since this is a bit late maybe this years Juneathon.  I did the design for the banner on the website and all the participant logos so have absolved myself of the guilt of not making it through an, ‘athon,’ yet!!  (oh and yes I do know that the snowmen’s scarves are blowing in different directions, I needed to keep out the cold with a bit of wine during the production of the banner……..)!!

Janathon Final


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