Machinima, Minecraft and Infinate Creativity

I’ve been doing research and writing about Minecraft and Machinima. For all those who don’t know about either, Minecraft is a brilliant game which I have been blogging about, if you want to find out more about it go here: Minecraft Homepage.  Machinima is the art of making films using games. Machinima film makers use a game as a medium to make a film, it’s different from animated films as the, ‘actors,’ are real people controlling their avatars within the game and they are filmed in, so it’s more like standard film making containing real human actors as it’s ‘live,’ action. I have become fascinated by this realm of film making, and mainly because I became very intrigued with the game Minecraft.  My son and his friends all love it and play it, I tried to resist it, but in the end I couldn’t and now I am a fully fledged fan!  For anyone interested in Minecraft, Movies and Machinima you can still fill in this survey:

Minecraft and Machinima Survey

So I have been doing some practiced based research, I have made my own skin and one for my son, and the other day I made a server for us so that we could play on the computers as well as the Xbox.  I did this because I want to make my own Machinima, but also so I can understand the technicalities of film making within this game. However I have to say here I have been having major problems getting the 1.7.4 server running on my PC, however I set it up on my brothers borrowed Mac with no problems!  It’s not as simple as many games to set up Multiplayer, however there are loads of great tutorials on YouTube that will show you how on PC and Mac.  And I have to say I like that aspect of the game. It makes you think and learn, even if only to set up your own server! It’s open source and has I have said before and it means people can develop their own ‘mods’ for it.  ‘Mods,’ being modifications so if a person has a good knowledge of Java, they can add to the game anything they like, (I covered this in my last blog post for more detailed info on Java and Java script etc).

When I first realised I would have to write a scientific paper I must admit I inwardly groaned. I am not a great writer, I love to make things, I love to create 3D models, I love to create anything amusing and silly. So this part of the course I thought I was going to find hard, however I’ve been watching a lot of Minecraft Machinima lately and I’ve really been enjoying all the diverse creativity and the different genre of films. I have found my niche in researching and it’s given me new inspiration! Because I am studying animation, the Machininma side of Minecraft naturally appealed to me.  I want to find out why it is so popular with fellow Minecrafters as well. For me the appeal is the ease of building structures to make a film set, (and also the lighting, this side is always a tricky one in eg Maya or 3DMax). However the thing that impresses me most about Minecraft Machinima is the diverse creativity. I was trying to pinpoint why I liked the game and the Machinimas so much, and then I realised why. The game once bought requires no more financial input. There is a huge friendly community that will help with anything. The films, (Machinimas), are made by fans of the game and fans of films. The Machinma’s are not made for any profit. They are made for other causes and mainly because the game players are fans of a certain film or they just want to be creative and they love to share their creativity.  Also the nature of this creativity is not stifled by clients or monetary gains and therefore knows no bounds.  This is what I have found I fundamentally enjoy about these Machinimas, they are open-ended in creativity much like the game. Everything is infinite!

I drafted this a while ago,  and my Machinima is now nearly ready however enjoy the below.  These are some of my favourite Machinimas I have found so far, there are more I really also like and I will post in due course:

Paradise Decay makes some amazing Star Wars Minecraft Machinima and his movie sets have the wow facter:

A Festive one a bit late!  Mrs Claus Machinima, by Spitfire25565 love all the snowmen, the background is great and the video made me laugh.

This channel makes the most amazing sets to put their film themed roller coasters I think the creativity and timing in these films are brilliant, they are from Nuropsych1:


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