I made a Minecraft Machinima! It needs Major Tweaks!

Minecraft Dragon

Today I finished my first draft of a Minecraft Machinima music video. The music, (and full copyright), is by my brother Mr Scorsey and is based on a film he had watched at the time, hence the huge Minecraft dragon head, and why its called Dragontastic!  I did this as part of my research to find out how film making works in Minecraft, the technicalities and complications compared to making a film using traditional animation software such as Maya.

My Survey is still open as I am going to carry on this research for my dissertation so if you are a Minecraft Machinima maker you can fill in the below survey:


My computer is as usual going slow, so unfortunately a few glitches that shouldn’t have been in the video came about, and yes it does need a lot of tweaking, and also the screen capture does lag a bit!!!! It’s definitely harder in some ways for Machinima makers to create their films and they must have an amazing degree of patience. (I would have had a new computer by now which might have helped the process, but the process of getting a Career Development loan in this day and digital age has certainly not caught up with the games or film industry, I shall not go on about this further here or I might succumb to unprofessional language)!  Anyway here is a first draft of my film with initial ideas, I used my brother’s avatar who gets, ‘Minecrafted,’ and trapped in a night club in the nose of the dragon, (I will do a fly through later to the nightclub):

However I just thought I would publish a draft of the concept for the purposes of the research.  I will be making lots of amendments to future versions including trying mods, shaders and texture packs out, and also doing a lot more with post production.

I am currently and in the future continuing to research Machinima, (Machine and Cinema), the art of making films from games. Which after studying and researching I now I think is not so much a hybrid but a whole new genre or way of interacting and creating film.  I have scientific studies to back this statement up!  I am very interested in finding out the future, technology, applications, possibilities and purposes of Machinima.

I have even found they are making Minecraft Machinima films about education and opera, and that makes me happy:



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