iCollab Map and Hilbre Island Video

I must admit I had forgotten to go and comment on the students work on the iCollab map.  But now I’m glad I did as it cheered me up, it’s been kind of an odd day today with one thing and another.  I clicked on Mr David Renton’s sunscreen 2013 and got to add my own little bit of Hilbre Island wisdom, which in turn reminded me of a little film I made ages ago and have forgotten to upload! More of that later, I clicked through the students and must admit as I was tired tonight, I only clicked on students with website links. However I found an intriguing game on Edward Mc Evoy’s site, an interesting interactive animation so I have asked about the programming side as I am prone to liking things like that!  I also found a really nice piece of animation that is so lovely and really cleverly made, made me laugh as well, Dino Boy by Adrian Fielding. Which brings me back to the piece of Hilbre Island wisdom!

We were asked a while ago to make a mobile phone video.  Hilbre Isand is a bird sanctuary off the coast of the Wirral, it’s quite a walk at low tide but well worth it.  It’s not about the work I’m doing at the moment but somewhere I take a long walk to if I want to think about a project or just simply to clear my head!  It’s the place you can go to wave at seals, so that’s what I put on David Renton’s Sunscreen 2013!  I was trying to think about what to make a mobile phone video about and I was generally looking at all the photos on my phone.  I then realised I have a complete walk to Hilbre Island, taken at different times of the year!  I put them all together in a video.  I love to watch the changing seasons as the walk progresses towards the island, it even features my Mum, dog and little boy!  To walk to Hilbre Island you have to wait until the tide is out, you then walk to Little Eye which is the first Island in the video, then Middle Eye and then onto Hilbre.  It’s one of my favourite places to walk to and stunning at all different times of the year.  Hopefully my phone has managed to capture some of the essence of the walk.  My little boy loves the walk as there are caves and rock pools along the way.  The walk ends at the old lifeboat station on Hilbre and the vague grey blobs at the end are actually seals heads poking out of the water!!  I’ll find a better photograph someone else has taken of the Hilbre seals!

Wildlife 2010 885

(lovely photo not taken by me but by a Hilbre enthusiast, however it is a Hilbre seal!)


2 thoughts on “iCollab Map and Hilbre Island Video

    1. Oh thankyou I’m so glad you like the video! And oh no looks like Geography is not my strong point! I’m usually good at checking I don’t do silly things, thanks ever so much for letting me know I’ll amend it! Am so glad someone noticed.

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