Hello my name is Kirsty, in between clubbing with Carlos, becoming a mum and other equally important activities, I have also studied and worked quite widely across different design disciplines.  I studied Fashion and Textiles in Brighton which led me to working professionally in Interior and Graphic Design. I joined a large architectural practice in London where I was introduced to 3D Design Programs.  I then discovered all the characters and stories that have been evolving in my head all these years can actually come to life!  So now I have the time and chance this is what I am going to pursue…….apart from doing lots of long dog walks on the beach to the islands and waving at the seals.  If anyone would like to go and wave at seals I recommend the summer or when the tide is not coming in, (otherwise this can be a problem if you don’t like to swim far………).

Hilbre Island – Wave at Seals on Hilbre!

As well as waving at seals I love to collect and have amassed a sizeable collection of original 1950’s dresses, (original Hawaiian ones being my favourites).  I also like to, ‘professionally taste,’ and make Sloe gin.  I am very partial to a bit of Bizet, Strauss, Pixies, Leftfield, Chemical Brothers, ACDC, Motorhead, Led Zep, The Damned, Howlin’ Wolf or ABBA, (especially after Sloe gin).  I also still love to go and see bands live when I can or rather when I can afford it!! Gahhh!  I also like to squeeze in a bit of mountain biking if I ever get the chance……….oh and play Minecraft with my son!

Kirsty ME2big1003435_10151665087364555_2113385147_n  383512_4128984097115_99550123_n


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